• Inex cream obtained a Crystal award for superior tast and quality!


    The ITQI – the International Taste & Quality Institute -  world's leading organization dedicated to testing and promoting superior food products, granted Inex 3 years in a row a superior 3 stars taste award.  

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  • PE bottles

    PE bottles


    • 500ml and 1L bottles.

    • Bottles with or without screw cap.

    • Packing around: sixpack, tenpack or individual in American box of 12 or 15 entities.

    • Conservation: 6 months and more.

  • Tetra Brik

    Tetra Brik


    • With recap or screw cap.

    • 200ml or 1L cartons.

    • Packing around : in sixpack or tray.

    • Packed with our without straw.

    • Conservation: 4 months and more.

    • Shrink packing: three pack, sixpack or individual.

  • Bag in Box

    Bag in Box


    • U.H.T.: without refrigeration, long life

    • A concept developed according to the HACCP requirements

    • Simple to use

    • Environmental friendly

    • Fully recyclable

    • Most dense type of packaging

Inex... Dairy yummie!

Inex is a leading, 100% privately owned, Belgian manufacturer and supplier of quality dairy products.

The Inex plant is situated in de middle of the countryside of the Kingdom of Belgium. The milk is exclusively collected from local Belgian farmers with whom we establish a long term relationship. We look for meadow milk of the highest standards as it allows us to produce products of superior quality. We produce a variety of products ranging from milk, milk drinks, cream to other derivatives of consumption milk.

Our passion is to bring the best out of milk.

This is why we offer a wide range of fresh and long-life UHT products in a mix of different packages types. Quality and sustainability are key to our success and are assured by multiples certificates of the highest level. (BRC & IFS)

Inex dairy, straight from the heart of Europe.