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1898: Dairy Farm Sint Martinus, a one man business was set up as a new business venture in Oordegem.

1943: Schockaert PVBA acquired Dairy Farm Sint Martinus to specialise in the production of fresh and sterilized dairy products under the 'Excellac' brand.

1973: A new company INEX N.V. was created in Bavegem which united the consumer milk divisions of the dairy companies Inco Gent and Klerken and Schockaert PVBA.


1991: INEX N.V. took over the Lier-based company Sint Clemens, manufacturing pasteurised and sterilised dairy products under the 'Bonilac' and 'Babymel' brands.


1997: INEX N.V. acquired mineral water and soft drinks manufacturer Koningsbronnen N.V., located in Brakel.

Some important milestones:

2000: Inex was the first company in Europe to invest in a bag in box line and develop a line for industrial packaging for UHT dairy products.
2005: Inex gained the prestigious industry award  “Challenge Innovation” with the “Milktap” at the MDD-expo in Paris.

2008: Inex installed a fully integrated blow and filling machine for HDPE cans.

2011: Inex built a giant solar park with a capacity of 1 Megawatts-peak.

2012: Inex begins to encourage his dairy farmers to let their cows graze. “Meadow milk” is milk produced on farms where the farmers are committed to let their cows graze in the meadows for at least six hours a day, this for at least 120 days a year.

2012: Inex switches from the use of petroleum to natural gas for steam production. the investment reduces CO² emissions by 40%.


2014: Inex starts with a sustainability monitoring of all dairy farms where milk is collected. Based on 35 sustainability initiatives subdivided into 7 groups, the sustainability of the milk production is assessed.


2015: Inex accedes to the 2015-2020 energy management agreement. By partnering Inex contributes to the achievement of Flemish region CO2 objectives and energy efficiency.


2017: Inex acquires Danones Olvarit growth milk range as well as the Bambix brand, the well-known and high quality baby and toddler food name the range used to wear.


Today, the group employs 400 people who together provide annual sales of 150 million euros and an output of 1 million servings.

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