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1898: Dairy Farm Sint Martinus, a one man business was set up as a new business venture in Oordegem.

1943: Schockaert PVBA acquired Dairy Farm Sint Martinus to specialise in the production of fresh and sterilized dairy products under the 'Excellac' brand.

1973: A new company INEX N.V. was created in Bavegem which united the consumer milk divisions of the dairy companies Inco Gent and Klerken and Schockaert PVBA.


1986: INEX N.V. acquired the Brakel-based mineral water and soft drinks producer Top Bronnen and a new state-of-the-art bottling plant was built.


1991: INEX N.V. took over the Lier-based company Sint Clemens, manufacturing pasteurised and sterilised dairy products under the 'Bonilac' and 'Babymel' brands.


1997: INEX N.V. acquired mineral water and soft drinks manufacturer Koningsbronnen N.V., located in Brakel.

Some important milestones:

2000: Inex was the first company in Europe to invest in a bag in box line and develop a line for industrial packaging for UHT dairy products.
2005: Inex gained the prestigious industry award  “Challenge Innovation” with the “Milktap” at the MDD-expo in Paris.

2008: Inex installed a fully integrated blow and filling machine for HDPE cans.
2011: Inex built a giant solar park with a capacity of 1 Megawatts-peak.

Today the Inex group employs 440 people who collectively make a valuable contribution to the group’s 150 million euro annual turnover.

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